As part our ongoing media relations program, Leif Wathne appeared on Constructech TV with podcast host Peggy Smedley.  The interview with Leif begins at the 26:49 mark of the program. His comments are part of Episode 45, “Emerging Tech Drives Infrastructures.”  

The interview focuses on ACPA’s VISION2040 initiative, which Leif described as beginning with a blue-ribbon panel thinking about the future,  establishing a vision, contemplating the future, and trying “to see how new technologies will be woven into the fabric of our highway infrastructure.”

He described how land will become more valuable in the future and will require concrete pavement to serve more purposes than carrying traffic or parked vehicles.  He pointed to innovations such as stormwater management and conducting electricity as likely innovations that will be incorporated into concrete pavements.

“In moving forward, I think it’s ultimately industry’s responsibility to innovate and the agencies’ responsibility to implement those innovations,” he says. “To fully marshal that innovation and cost competitiveness, the highway agencies have to actively facilitate healthy and spirited competition between industries involved in the production of paving materials.”

In related news, ACPA congratulates Peggy on being named the recipient of ASCE’s Excellence in Journalism Award.  In addition to her role as President/Editorial Director of Specialty Publishing Media (publisher of Constructech Magazine), she is also widely known in both print and digital media, including podcasting.