ACPA technical staff is supporting the FHWA with reviews of technical resources that will be used in the agency’s Pavement Notebook.  ACPA has reviewed (or is currently wrapping up) technical reviews on more than 15 documents.  ACPA members and affiliated Chapter/State execs and promoters, along with PCA and the CP Tech Center have also been called on to offer technical expertise and insights.

Topics of the tech bulletins include:

  • Air Entrainment and Concrete Durability
  • Chemical Admixtures
  • Chemical Deicers and Concrete Pavement – Impacts and Mitigation
  • Concrete Pavement Preservation Treatments
  • Concrete Pavement Texturing
  • Curing
  • Dowel Alignment
  • Field Control of Concrete Paving Mixtures
  • Joint Sealing 
  • Opening concrete Pavements to Traffic
  • Paving Under Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Specifying, Designing, and Proportioning Paving Concrete
  • Stringless Paving 
  • Thin Concrete Overlays
  • Traffic Management