Last week, ACPA members traveled to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to meet with lawmakers on issues impacting the concrete paving industry including critical research funding that supports the CP Tech Center and the impacts of inflation on the construction industry. Advocacy is an important part of association work and any industry, particularly those heavily dependent on government funding, needs to be “in the room where it happens” for important conversations about the work being done back home in the districts. How constituents live and travel is of the utmost importance to Members of Congress (MOCs). While MOCs are not responsible for materials selection, they are responsible for passing the funding that supports nationwide infrastructure and projects. They, along with the Administration, are responsible for setting nationwide priorities, like sustainability.  Connecting the dots to demonstrate that concrete is a relevant material, well-positioned for the future, is a message that is best delivered from those who understand the work being done on the grade.

Speaking of sustainability, ACPA’s Mid-Year Meeting is only 9 days away. There’s still time to register for the conference, though the window has closed on discounted rooms. Workshop 3 on Wednesday, June 5, might be of particular interest to attendees who care about how new funding sources from the IIJA/IRA are impacting asset management and other decisions made from agencies, owners and stakeholders. We will hear from former CALTRANS Director Randy Iwasaki, president and CEO, Iwasaki Consulting Services; Tim Haile, executive director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority; and Sean Winkler, manager, federal infrastructure strategy, Maryland Transportation Authority, at a session on how agencies are using the non-traditional sources of funding connected to sustainability and what it means to asset management. Related to this topic, Tom Van Dam, principal, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc., will discuss the efforts of the Reduced Carbon Concrete Consortium (RC3) and the status of the additional $2B of grant awards expected to be awarded to states who are prioritizing low carbon transportation materials.

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ACPA’s Mid-Year Meeting is going to be content heavy, informationally rich, and technically focused – it’s truly a way to keep current in your craft. It’s also going to be a ton of fun – help keep it smooooth in Kansas City…register today. See you there, Cheers!