ACPA has discussed concrete paving’s role in achieving reduced carbon goals for many years. In fact, in 2023 ACPA released its White Paper on “Concrete Pavement’s Role in a Sustainable, Resilient Future” in anticipation of the $2B in Low-Carbon Concrete Transportation Materials (LCTM) grant opportunity announced on March 12 by FHWA. The White Paper promotes the advantages of using concrete including economic, social and environmental sustainability advantages. Since its release, the White Paper has won the following awards:

  • Communicator Award for Campaign in Environmental and Sustainability
  • MarCom Award for Strategic Communications

After the release of the White Paper, ACPA amplified the conversation with DOTs across the country through the Reduced Carbon Concrete Consortium (RC3) an industry wide effort to assist DOTs apply for the available $1.2B in LCTM funding. More than 35 states submitted applications in part because of the efforts of RC3 and the persistent education on LCTM. Awards are expected later in the summer and ACPA is optimistic that many of the applications contemplated concrete as an eligible material.

The conversation from here turns to non-state entities eligible for the remaining $800M. When the grant process opens, it is expected to be a competitive process but RC3 is again positioned to help. If used appropriately, the grants awards can be transformative in how materials are selected for transportation projects. For more information, visit RC3’s website.

The ACPA Board of Directors is calling for nominees to serve on the BOD for 2025. BOD terms are three-year appointments. The Nominating Committee will soon convene and put forward its slate of candidates at the Meeting of the Membership in December. ACPA also calls for candidates to serve on a newly imagined ACPA Foundation. Candidates serving in this capacity will help rebrand the Foundation and posture the 501 (c)3 to support research, education, and emerging leaders in the concrete industry. Interested candidates should contact ACPA past-Chairman Steve Friess at

ACPA also announces the release of its Annual Sponsorship program for 2024-2025. Thank you to all our cement, contractor, equipment and other sponsors who help ACPA deliver quality content and promote concrete paving year round. See the article below for information on securing a sponsorship.

Happy 4th of July! Keep those dogs’ paws cool this holiday by avoiding hot pavements!