You still have time to participate in the first two events of the SPS-2 tech  day programs.  As we reported in ACPA TODAY last week, the program is taking form and beginning soon with the following events: 

You can access the flyer by clicking on the links above.  As we finalize new events and obtain resource materials, we will post them to this dedicated page for the 2019 SPS-2 program. We also have an SPS-2 Resource Center online, which you can access here.

There is no charge for attendance, but registration is required.  Be sure to click on the link to open a digital flyer (PDF).  The flyer will contain specific details, including the email address of the person to contact for registration.

The Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) SPS-2 study, or Strategic Study of Structural Factors for Rigid Pavements, represents the most comprehensive set of concrete pavement performance data in the United States.  To read more about this important study, please click here