There’s still time to register and participate in the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub’s (CS Hub’s) next webinar, which poses both a challenge and a question. The 1-hour webinar is scheduled for 11 a.m. (EST) tomorrow, February 28.

Fix My Road:  What can YOU do (with your smartphone) to make OUR Infrastructure Great Again while addressing Climate Change?” will propose a new, crowdsourced way to assess the state of infrastructure. 

Using acceleration data from a smartphone mounted inside of a vehicle, MIT researchers say they have developed a method to assess road roughness properties. This method can also be used to map the aggregated excess fuel consumption, associated environmental footprint, and “health” impact due to these road conditions, according to the MIT researchers.  

The webinar is free of charge, but registration is required for all participants.  The webinar will be presented by Dr. Franz-Josef Ulm, MIT Professor, and Faculty Director of the Concrete Sustainability Hub.  The webinar was developed collaboratively by the researchers at the CS Hub and several other universities. 

Click here to register.