The FHWA’s Mobile Concrete Technology Center announces virtual technician training, which is now also offered to contractors, cement companies, consultants, and others involved in concrete pavement construction and rehab projects.

    The free training will be very informal to facilitate interaction between the attendees and the instructors. This practical training is designed for technicians and engineers to increase proficiency in several new materials and construction testing equipment/test methods, including “tips and tricks” the MCTC staff have learned in the field.

Attendees will be encouraged to perform tests along with the instructors during the training. Due to the format of the training, the MCTC says 5 or 6 attendees is ideal for each session; however, group sizes of 10 attendees can be accommodated. Sessions will be administered using Microsoft Teams. Click here to download a flyer with more details.

The following tests/technologies are covered:

–  Box Test / V-Kelly Test (single session)–  Aggregate Gradation Software
–  Surface / Bulk Resistivity Meter–  HIPERPAV
–  Super Air Meter–  Maturity
–  Phoenix (water content of fresh concrete)–  MIT dowel scan
– Semi-Adiabatic Calorimeter–  MIT scan T3

In addition to those shown in the list above, other technician-relevant concrete topics may be offered upon request.

The entire MCTC program is funded through the AID-PT program, imagined, developed, and advocated for inclusion in highway legislation by ACPA.

“MCTC programs, including the mobile laboratory, are good examples of our members’ investments in ACPA being put to good use to provide resources that help our industry move forward,” says Leif Wathne, who says we successfully championed the program in both MAP-21 and the FAST Act. ACPA is also laying the groundwork for continuing the program in the next highway bill.

Interested in participating? Please contact Mike Praul, MCTC Program Manager at or 207.512.4917.


* The Accelerated Implementation and Deployment of Pavement Technologies (AID-PT) is an ACPA Championed provision first included in the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP 21). The initiative created both a mechanism and funding for the delivery of pavement technology. In 2015, Congress included the program in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which provides funding through 2020.
ACPA also successfully advocated for a similar research provision included in the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 Sec. 744. Research and deployment of certain airfield pavement technologies.

Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.