The Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday released its FY2021 funding measures. This important action is another step forward in approval of funding that could benefit the airport pavement research and construction community.

Included among the 12 funding measures is the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (THUD) appropriations bill. The THUD appropriations bill includes language that would fund the ACPA-conceived and championed Airport Pavement Technology Program (APTP) at $6 million per year. The action is similar to that included in the FY 2020 THUD appropriations bill, which we reported on in January.

“Going back to 2018, we worked closely with PCA and NAPA to advocate for an airport technology program in the 2018 FAA bill (the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018),” says Leif Wathne. “With the language secured in that authorizing bill, ACPA, with support from legislative consultants Ed Graber and Chad Bradley, PCA and NAPA, then secured an additional $6 million in funding over the baseline amount of more than $33.22 million for airport technology research. This action effectively funded the APTP program for FY2020.”

“The Senate language mirrors language in the House-passed FY2021 THUD bill this summer,” Leif says.

“We anticipate that the Senate bills will be used as a basis for discussions and negotiations on a likely OMNIBUS package prior to the expiration of the current continuing resolution in December.”

The APTP language in the THUD bill is well-positioned to be included in that final FY2021 measure, he adds.

“It is heartening to know that appropriators continue to recognize the importance of the airfield pavement technology program and continue to fund the effort,” Leif says, adding, “We appreciate the hard work of our legislative consultants and allies in positioning this important concrete pavement technology program successfully.”

“The APTP program is the basis for the CP Tech Center’s recent cooperative agreement with FAA that will provide researchers around the country the opportunity to help address some of the critical research needs in concrete construction for airfields,” he says.

As we reported in August, Jerry Voigt and Gary Mitchell have worked closely with the FAA and CP Tech Center to further develop the cooperative agreement under this APTP program.

Look for additional development on this funding effort in future issues of ACPA TODAY.


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