The US Senate late Monday (Dec. 21) approved the massive Omnibus and COVID-relief catchall package, which included significant transportation aid. The Senate passed the bill by a 92-6 vote.

As we reported minutes after the House approval (by broadcast email), the COVID-relief portion of the bill contained $10 billion for State DOTs/Highways and $2 billion for Airports, according to the Eno Center for Transportation.

The House used a a bifurcated process known as “dividing the question,” according to THE HILL. Lawmakers in the lower chamber first voted to pass the Commerce-Justice-Science, Defense, Financial Services and Homeland Security portions of the Omnibus measure with a 327-85 vote. They then voted to pass the remaining eight fiscal 2021 spending bills, COVID-19 relief and assorted other legislation with a 359-53 vote.

The “mega-package” was sent to the Senate as a single measure. Together, the 12 fiscal 2021 spending bills totaled $1.4 trillion, not including the primarily COVID-19 relief portion.

At the time of this report, the bill was awaiting signature by the President. ACPA will continue to keep you informed of additional developments.


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