A coalition of more than 140 national and local organizations led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), last week formally launched the “Build by the Fourth of July” campaign, urging newly elected and reelected members of Congress to enact a fiscally and environmentally responsible infrastructure package by the Fourth of July 2021.

As we reported last month, the organizations are drawing support from a wide range of business, policy, and labor organizations.  ACPA has signed on in support of the effort, and will be communicating the campaign throughout our industry.

The coalition calls for enactment of comprehensive legislation before July 4th to:

  • Repair and update our crumbling infrastructure;
  • Stimulate our economy and create middle-class sustaining jobs;
  • Address climate change;
  • Promote fiscally and environmentally responsible policies;
  • Improve federal project approvals; and
  • Address the digital divide.

“Our long-term economic recovery requires building a governing coalition committed to bipartisan solutions and tackling a long overdue infrastructure package is an immediate way the new Congress and new administration can demonstrate their shared commitment to the betterment of the country,” said U.S. Chamber CEO Tom Donohue. “Rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure is not only one of the fastest and most direct ways to create new jobs and spur economic growth now, but also it will sustain our modern economy for the long-term.”

Sean McGarvey, President of the North America’s Building Trades Unions said, “(f)or too long, Congress and Administrations and Congress have talked a big game on infrastructure but put it on the backburner when it was time to act.”


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