ACPA sent a letter to Pete Buttigieg, the recently confirmed 19th Secretary of the US Department of Transportation. Leif Wathne and Pat Long (Indiana Chapter) pledged to continue strong support of the US DOT and pledged to further strengthen our partnerships with the FHWA and FAA. The jointly-signed letter expressed support on both a national and local level, underscoring the partnership among ACPA and our Chapter network.

They said ACPA’s goals are to “provide safe, long-lasting, and cost-efficient pavement solutions for our nation’s highways, roadways, and airports, and to that end, we are committed to provide any technical information or other support you and your staff may need.”

They said this support comes from staff engineers at our national offices in Rosemont, IL, and Washington, DC, as well as our chapter affiliates throughout the United States. One of those chapters is in Secretary Buttigieg’s home state of Indiana. Leif and Pat expressed that our industry was pleased to be part of the City of South Bend’s recent innovative infrastructure planning and development efforts on the Western Avenue corridor improvement initiative, a project they called, “a shining example of what is possible when the public and private sectors work together.”

“It is in that spirit that we applaud President Biden’s goals for infrastructure investment and celebrate your appointment as Transportation Secretary,” they said, emphasizing our offer to share information about how we are disrupting the status quo in highway, airport, and roadway construction “by introducing and leveraging innovative solutions that advance paving technology, increase competition, and encourage sustainability practices and resilience to meet both the current and future demands of our growing population.”

They concluded by offering specific support the Secretary or his staff may seek on technical, policy, funding, and/or research issues associated with surface transportation construction, stewardship, and preservation. Click here to read the complete letter.


Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.