The American Highway Users Alliance held a policy roundtable last Friday with key Congressional staff.

The roundtable panelists included transportation officials from the Senate Majority Leader’s office, the House T&I Committee, the Subcommittee on Highway and Transit, and the Senate EPW Committee. Below is a brief recap of key discussion points from the web-based discussion.

In terms of transportation investment, the next priority for Congress is the President’s ‘Build Back Better’ initiative. “Officials want to see climate and infrastructure addressed.

The focus is on economic recovery through infrastructure and surface transportation investment. The Senate EPW Committee is striving for bipartisan support and has a goal of passing the reauthorization bill by Memorial Day.

Other highlights of the roundtable discussion include the following:

  • The Senate EPW Committee will hold a hearing on ‘Build Back Better’ on February 24th.
  • EPW will be soliciting priorities this month from committee members and other senators for the reauthorization bill.
  • There is support for resilience being included in a surface transportation bill.
  • There is a recognition that any transition to a VMT will take time.

In other news, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) published a year-end summary of passenger travel. The report describes COVID-19 impacts on passenger transportation in 2020. Click here to see the report.


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