ACPA and other member associations comprising the Infrastructure Working Group* met last week by web conference to assess the current status of the highway reauthorization and to discuss ways to collaborate on the goal of informing and persuading elected officials to pass a robust highway bill … and to do so soon.

It appears that H.R. 2 will be used as starting point, and staff is considering input from stakeholders and Members of Congress. The committee (both majority and minority) is optimistic about bipartisan effort, something that will be particularly important as the Administration appears to want Congress to take the lead.

Chairman Peter DeFazio wants to get a bill done by the end of spring. Funding remains the major issue, but it appears the Chairman is open to a plethora of funding streams.

One consideration in favor of bipartisan action is the good working relationships between majority and minority leaders in the House T&I and Senate EPW committees. Members appear to be committed to finding a funding solution, adding that fixing the HTF is of paramount importance.


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* The Infrastructure Working Group is a coalition of national organizations led by the National Association of Manufacturers and The Associated General Contractors of America.