The Chair and Vice Chair of the ACPA Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MAC) have expressed their strong concern about what is essentially the absence of healthy and spirited competition between the pavement industries in Virginia.

In a letter to Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) members, Tom Madden, Atlantic Contracting, Inc. (current MAC Chairman) and Rich McDonough, The Lane Construction Corporation (current MAC Vice Chair) underscored how the absence of competition in the paving materials markets is not only harming an important Virginia industry, but also causing the Commonwealth taxpayers to suffer.

They mentioned there are “significant opportunities for Virginia Department of Transportation to leverage the free-market dynamic between paving industries, not only to save Commonwealth taxpayers money, but to spur innovation, enhance quality, and help support the industry.” In Virginia, the cement & concrete industry is represented by a cement plant, twelve cement terminals, and close to 18,000 cement- and concrete-industry related employees with a total contribution of $1.1 billion to state revenues.

Citing the research of the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub and by Dr. Omar Swei currently with the University of New Brunswick, they informed the 17-members of the CTB the advantages of competition and urged the commissioners to effect changes with the Virginia DOT. ACPA senior staff members assisted with this initiative as part of our ConcreteCOMPETES initiative.


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