US DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg testified before the House T&I Committee last Thursday to discuss the Administration’s transportation priorities.

The appearance was ahead of the Administration’s rollout of the “Build Back Better” which President Joe Biden announced this afternoon in Pittsburgh. (See, “President to Announce Infrastructure and Tax Plans”)

During his testimony, Secretary Buttigieg highlighted the need to address the maintenance backlog and the future needs of the nation’s transportation system to prioritize resilient infrastructure and to address the transportation sector’s impact on the climate crisis.

T&I Chairman Peter DeFazio (D-OR-04) said the T&I Committee was kicking into “high gear our work to advance surface transportation authorization and infrastructure investment.

“We have no time to waste. The American people—who rely on our roads, bridges, bike lanes, transit systems, railroads, airports, and waterways for their mobility and for their livelihoods—cannot wait,” he continued.  He reiterated his support for investing in a 21st century multimodal transportation system that prioritizes resiliency to climate change. Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO-06) highlighted the importance of working on a bipartisan reauthorization of the surface transportation program that balances the needs of rural and urban communities and addresses the long-term solvency of the HTF.

ACPA and other advocacy groups will continue to advocate for increased infrastructure investment that benefits our industry. (Sources: KDKA-TV (CBS), Pittsburgh; U.S. House T&I Committee; and PCA.)


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