Every year, The Road Information Program or TRIP, releases a wealth of information in the form of reports describing both current highway and roadway conditions, as well as the critical needs of our urban and rural highway network. News outlets, agencies and others take advantage of this information to support arguments on everything from infrastructure investment to safety programs.

As part of our TRIP membership since the 1980’s and through participation on the Board of Directors, ACPA regularly receives TRIP’s valuable information.  Are we using and getting the most from these reports?  ACPA encourages chapters and other local promotion groups to bookmark TRIP’s national resource web page, as well as the links to applicable state-by-state reports.

“TRIP puts a tremendous effort into creating fact-based information that we should all be sharing with our national agency partners, as well as state DOTs and toll highway authorities,” said Jerry Voigt. “TRIP does a great job of disseminating this information and communicating the information through the press, but we can augment their efforts by conveying the details to agencies/owners throughout the country.”

“The reports are excellent resources to initiate or continue the narrative with senior DOT officials, policy makers, and those who control and influence funding at both the national and state levels,” said Leif Wathne.

In addition to our communications in our ACPA TODAY e-newsletter and CONCRETE PAVEMENT PROGRESS magazine, we also encourage members and affiliates to join the discussion on Twitter and Facebook.


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