As we have reported throughout the year, ACPA is optimistic about the Biden Administration’s massive infrastructure investment plan called “Build Back Better.” The plan is unprecedented and is arguably the most significant plan since the Interstate construction program was first authorized in 1956.

There is support in Congress, but there is also significant opposition, and so, the only chance to get the legislation passed is with a strong, steady, and resonant voice of all stakeholders. We need your help in our advocacy efforts!

This is why we are once again urging ACPA members, staff, chapters, and allies to renew your membership in ACPA’s Legislative Issues Committee (LIC). So that we remain complaint with the Federal Election Commission’s rules, we are asking you to take a minute to complete the Advocacy Interest Membership (AIM) form on our website. This form makes you eligible to join our LIC, and gives you the opportunity to:

  • Voice your opinions and questions about our industry-specific legislative and regulatory activities, which have a direct impact on you and your business.
  • Participate in our LIC meetings to hear about the current status of highway and airport funding and public policy legislation, all with an emphasis on issues related to the concrete pavement industry.
  • Participate in special activities such as our popular “ACPA Heads/Tails PAC fundraiser” and similar activities at our next in-person meetings!
  • Hear the latest about our research & technology implementation efforts involving the CP Tech Center, the FHWA and FAA, including updates on our AID-PT program (related to highway paving) and the APTP program (related to airfield paving).
  • Receive our Monthly Government Affairs Digest with recent government affairs news and events.
  • Receive urgent “calls to action,” which allow you to voice your opinions on key issues directly to elected officials.

Your voice, your vote, and your support do make a difference, so please take a few minutes to renew your LIC membership and reaffirm your support for a robust, well-funded, multi-year infrastructure bill.


Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.