The American Highway Users Alliance is hosting a livestream event featuring Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Ranking Member Capito (R-WV)to discuss the highway reauthorization on June 21, 2021 at 10:30 am ET. The event will kick off “Fight for Highways”, a digital advocacy campaign to bring awareness to the importance of robust highway and bridge infrastructure investment to tackle the $786.4 billion backlog of road and bridge investment needs that exist across our country.

The time is now to unify and fight for highways together! With our collective voices and participation, the road user community will be heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill during the infrastructure debate.

ACPA encourages members and allies to register for this virtual rally. Click here to sign up for a reminder:

ACPA’s Leif Wathne serves as co-chair of AHUA’s Policy and Government Affairs Committee.


Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.