For weeks, a bipartisan group of Republican and Democratic Senators have been hashing out details of a roughly $1 trillion package to revitalize our nation’s surface transportation infrastructure. As reported in ACPA Today’s Special Edition last Friday, while the Senate failed to vote to open debate on the infrastructure framework last week, Senators crafting the deal argued that negotiators were close and that a broad infrastructure agreement was within reach.

Despite some skepticism from a few Senate Republicans who want to see legislative text and a score before moving forward, a deal on these bipartisan infrastructure negotiations was announced earlier this afternoon. A statement by President Joe Biden announced the deal, underscoring that it makes “the most significant long-term investment in our infrastructure and competitiveness in nearly a century”. ACPA is gratified that the bipartisan group of Senators and the President were able to forge consensus and come to an agreement about these critically important infrastructure investments. However, work remains to ensure that this bipartisan infrastructure plan garners enough votes for final passage.

For those ACPA members who have not yet engaged with their Senators urging support of the bipartisan infrastructure framework, please reach out NOW to ensure they support this critical investment.  This investment is hugely important to our concrete pavement industry, and it is critical that we urge the Senate to commit to move this bipartisan infrastructure deal forward!

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