In a letter sent yesterday to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, ACPA along with 55 industry allies, called on the Department of Transportation to channel the historic funding provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law into discretionary grants that will help relieve supply chain challenges. The letter, which you can read in full here, points out that while multi-modal traffic patterns are returning to a pre-pandemic level, supply-chain problems persist and will require targeted investments to abate in the long-term.

ACPA and our allies are asking DOT to focus the $18 billion in the INFRA, MEGA, and CRISI programs on building out infrastructure capacity to accommodate the new level of freight traffic. From addressing freight bottlenecks at major highway interchanges to expanded airfields dedicated to cargo traffic, adherence to the message of this letter could mean substantial gains for ACPA members. Concrete pavement’s durability and low-maintenance needs mean it is a perfect solution for crucial freight networks that can’t afford perpetual repairs.