FHWA Long-Term Infrastructure Program (LTIP) officials and industry stakeholders met by conference call last week to begin planning for a future workshop, says Larry Scofield. The goal of the workshop is to set priorities for conducting the remaining FHWA Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) data analysis projects. 

The current LTPP strategic plan for data analysis (“tablecloth”) was developed almost a decade ago, so the group agrees they need to update the current plan. The existing plan has nine strategic objectives and a list of data analysis projects under each strategic objective. 

The purpose of the future workshop is to help the LTIP staff set priorities for the 100 or so identified data analysis projects that have yet to receive funding. The conference call provided background to the stakeholders for planning the future workshop. Leif Wathne is ACPA’s LTIP representative, and along with Scofield, participated in the call.