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The American Concrete Pavement Association is the only national trade association solely devoted to promoting and the selection of concrete pavement. Every dollar spent with ACPA goes directly into supporting the future of the concrete paving market through training, research, technical services and advocacy. Membership and affiliation with ACPA are an investment in your business and the industry.



ACPA's Strategic Plan

ACPA has set a bold strategic direction with a plan to solve future paving challenges and positively impact the industry. View the association’s mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

Q1 Technical Services Report

The ACPA Engineering Team and Chapter/State Partners’ first-rate technical support produce huge industry-wide savings and promote projects specifying concrete pavement. Check out the 2024 Q1 report.

FHWA Low Carbon Funding

The ACPA-supported Reduced Carbon Concrete Consortium (RC3) is assisting agencies with FHWA’s LCTM applications and facilitating contractor preparedness with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).


ACPA’s overview of the research supporting concrete pavement’s role in meeting the standards of sustainability and resilience, ultimately creating a future that meets the needs of generations to come.

ACPA Membership Categories and Dues Rates
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Membership Applications


Any contractor from an area that does not have an ACPA-affiliated chapter or state association may join ACPA National directly and receive benefits from ACPA National. All contractors that join an affiliated local paving promotion organization (Chapter or State Association) that is affiliated with ACPA automatically become members of ACPA National, regardless of size or volume of work.

Visit our ACPA Chapter/State page to determine if there’s a local association in your state. If so, please contact your local ACPA Chapter or State Association to join ACPA.

Contractor Volume Assessments 
All contractor members within affiliated chapter or state association territories must designate a “home” chapter based on either: 1) the chapter whose territory contains the company’s headquarters, or 2) the chapter where the company performs the majority of its concrete paving.

For contractors only, view the applicable volume assessment rates for your home chapter:

View 2024 Affiliated Chapter/State Volume Assessment Rate Table

National Direct ApplicationInternational Contractor Application

A cementitious material company member is an entity directly engaged in either manufacturing, distributing or selling Portland cement or blended cement, and companies distributing or selling supplementary cementitious materials, such as fly ash, slag, or others.

Eligible companies include those that supply cementitious or other binder products for use in the following paving segments/products in public markets (federal, state, county, local, and toll), private markets and public-private partnerships:

  • Airport, Highway & Street-Road Paving/Overlays
  • Parking Lot & Industrial Paving/Overlays
  • Concrete Pavement Repair/Preservation
  • Roller-Compacted Concrete Paving
  • Concrete & RCC Shoulders
  • Cement treated base/soil cement stabilization
Cement Company Application

Equipment Manufacturer Members shall be manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of equipment utilized in the concrete paving industry and related activities.

Equipment Manufacturer Application

Material Manufacturer/Supplier Members must be firms providing essential materials (other than bulk cementitious products) for contractors, such as ready mix concrete, concrete admixtures, fibers, curing compounds, pre-cast slabs, joint sealants, patching materials, geotextile fabrics, etc. to the concrete paving industry.

Dowel and Rebar Manufacturer/Supplier Members are defined as material manufacturer/suppliers that are firms providing dowel bars (smooth round, plate, corrosion resistant, etc.); tiebars, reinforcing steel, mesh reinforcing and associated coatings (epoxy) and products (baskets and chairs) to the concrete paving industry.

Aggregate manufacturer/suppliers shall be firms providing aggregates for use in concrete by contractors.

Material ApplicationDowel & Rebar ApplicationAggregate Application

Consultant and service business members shall be individual professionals or companies providing consulting or other services for engineering design, construction management, field testing, laboratory testing, forensic evaluation, technology transfer, training, research, local insurance, professional development or publishing to the concrete pavement industry.

Consultants Application

Allied Industry membership is available to companies that produce/distribute products that are not used directly in paving, or “on the grade,” but are used “upstream” of traditional paving processes.

Allied Associations shall be independent organizations representing groups with interests/objectives similar and compatible with ACPA. A local paving or pavement association that represents a state or larger territory is not eligible. Such organizations may apply for a charter to become an ACPA affiliate (chapter).

Individual Affiliate members shall be individuals not actually engaged as employees of companies that are contractors, material suppliers, material haulers, cement suppliers, equipment manufacturers, equipment distributors, professional consultants, or associations, but who are interested in improving the quality of concrete pavements or in the promotion of concrete pavement and the purposes of the Association.

Allied Industry ApplicationAllied Associations ApplicationIndividual Affiliates Application