Craig Dauphinais, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association, reported on March 3 that LCCA legislation had been voted on “favorably” by the Commonwealth’s House & Senate Transportation Committees.

In support of “Life Cycle Cost for Long Term Pavement Solutions” (S1966), Leif Wathne, along with other officials representing the MC&AP, industry, labor, and the CS Hub, presented testimony in support of LCCA and the bill.  Leif submitted oral testimony to the House of Representatives, as well as written testimony to Rep. William Straus and then-State Senator Thomas McGee, co-chairmen of the Joint Committee on Transportation.  

“Working diligently and strategically with our allies in the cement and concrete industry to ensure state agencies adopt the best stewardship practices possible through use of Life Cycle Cost Analysis is not only good for our industry, it is good for the taxpayer,” Leif said.