A meeting with the Chief Engineer of the Virginia DOT on August 13 resulted in an agreement to form a joint industry/agency ad hoc committee to explore potential projects where concrete pavements may provide solutions for ramps, intersections, interchanges, overlays, etc.  

Working closely with Ray Seipp of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Leif Wathne, P.E., met with Garrett Moore, P.E., to discuss competition and “the opportunity for VDOT to send a clear signal to both the concrete and asphalt industries that VDOT is serious about finding ways to better marshal competition between the paving industries to the benefit of Virginia taxpayers,” Wathne says.

He underscored how the concrete pavement industry looks forward to a constructive dialogue about where concrete solutions can be a good fit for VDOT moving forward, specifically in the context of enhancing industry competition and improving network life-cycle cost efficiencies.

Moore has been Chief Engineer since 2012, having served the department in different roles, including administrator of the Staunton and Northern Virginia district offices, assistant resident engineer in Fredericksburg, and resident engineer in Warrenton. 

The meeting is one of the latest examples of the “ConcreteCOMPETES,” program initiated by Chairman Chuck Niederriter (Golden Triangle Construction Co., Inc.) in January.   

Photo caption: Garrett W. Moore, P.E., VDOT Chief Engineer. (Credit: VDOT)