Editor’s note:  Since our story last week about proposal on Autonomous Truck Corridors, we’ve learned of some new additional information on the topic.  A two-page flyer explains the ATC concept and its benefits. Please click here to download the flyer.

As reported previously, the concept* is being advanced by Dr. Tyler Ley, Professor of Structural Engineering at Oklahoma State University.  In the video, Dr. Ley calls for a “massive, huge, game changer approach” to improving roadways. He also says there is a need to “create money, reduce traffic, improve safety, improve sustainability and create long-lasting roadways.”  Click here to see the video. 

* People who contributed to this concept include: Paul Tikalsky, Kelvin Wang, Joshua Li, Dan Cook, Norb Delatte, and Tyler Ley of Oklahoma State University;  Aleksandra Radlinska of Penn State; and Tara Cavaline, Don Chen, Matthew Whelan of UNC-Charlotte.