Dr. Jeremy Gregory, Executive Director of the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, presented information on “Concrete as a Sustainability Solution” last week to the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis in Washington, DC.  Citing recent negative reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, he explained to committee members and staffers how cement and concrete can be part of the solution to climate change and other societal issues.

He framed the climate issue in the larger context of sustainability, commenting that in order to meet societal goals, people need highways, buildings and other structures.  He added that in spite of criticism of the industry, concrete is very much a low-impact material.  In fact, concrete has a lower embodied energy by mass than other construction materials (like asphalt, steel, timber, plastics, aluminum, etc.).

“MIT’s research and presentation adds clarity to the issue of concrete as a sustainability solution,” says Leif Wathne.  “Dr. Gregory’s presentation was well-received and provided credible, honest and meaningful information on this very important topic.  This information, as well as other information from the cement and concrete industries, will allow people to make informed decisions rooted in science.”  Click here to see the full presentation.