As Congress seeks long-term funding solutions, one option lawmakers are considering is a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax.  LANDLINE magazine (Oct. 21) reported  the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently published its analysis of a VMT tax on commercial trucks. The report looks at the dynamics of such a tax, including benefits and disadvantages. 

The report identified three main areas upon which lawmakers will need evaluate, including:

  • The tax base – including the types of trucks to be taxed and on which roads the tax will apply.
  • VMT rate structure – whether the tax will be applied uniformly to all trucks or vary by truck configuration, weight or location. 
  • Implementation method – considering taxes using odometer readings, radio-frequency identification readers or onboard devices such as electronic logging devices.

Click here to see the full CBO report.

Photo:  Steadily increasing truck traffic, including these semis traveling on an Indiana highway, will require various funding options to enable agencies to build and maintain durable highways.  (Credit: American Concrete Pavement Association.)