A recent publication from the Australian Society for Concrete Pavements* says, “concrete pavements surpass asphalt pavements in all aspects.”

“Concrete Pavement Value: Economic, Operational and Community Benefits,” is a two-page “pavement note,” which explains that concrete pavements provide:

  • 25% lower construction costs vs. full-depth asphalt;
  • 50 to 60% lower maintenance costs over a 40-year life span; and
  • 50% fewer road closures and traffic disruptions.

The information was based on a metareview of 15 research reports, technical resources, and statistical information from well-known subject matter experts and technical organizations, including ACPA. Drawing on published resources, the pavement note presents facts clearly and concisely, and with supporting graphics and references.

The document says “(c)oncrete pavements are significantly lower in construction cost, maintenance cost and, consequently, whole of life cost. Additionally, they are smooth, skid resistant, more rapidly constructed, less labour-intensive, less equipment-intensive, more durable, and more
available in-service.” Click here to see the pavement note.

* The Australian Society for Concrete Pavements was founded in October 2007 to facilitate improvements in the design, construction & quality of concrete pavements in Australia through education, information and technology transfer, and research.