A new report by TRIP, a national transportation research nonprofit, focuses on the U.S. Interstate Highway System and provides excellent information that supports the critical need for investment in this valuable highway system.

The report describes how, as the Interstate reaches 64 years old, it faces increasing congestion, unprecedented levels of travel—particularly by large trucks—and insufficient funding to make needed repairs and improvements.

The report, Restoring the Interstate Highway System: Meeting America’s Transportation Needs with a Reliable, Safe & Well-Maintained National Highway Network, says America’s most critical transportation link will need to be rebuilt and expanded to meet the nation’s growing transportation need.

It examines the Interstate system’s use, condition and benefits, and the findings of a 2019 report prepared by the Transportation Research Board (TRB), at the request of Congress as part of the FAST Act. The TRB report addresses the condition and use of the Interstate system and on actions required to restore and upgrade the Interstate system.

The TRIP report includes a chart that ranks states whose Interstate systems are the most congested, have experienced the greatest increase in vehicle miles of travel (VMT) since 2000; carry the greatest share of commercial trucks; have the largest share of pavement in poor condition and bridges in poor/structurally deficient condition; and have the highest fatality rate.

Click here to see the appendix, which includes data for all states. The report is a “must read” for anyone with an interest in investing in, building, rehabilitating and preserving this important system of highways. ACPA is a member of TRIP and currently serves on its Board of Directors.


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