Weather, chemical exposure, and normal traffic cause wear & tear on pavements, but the FHWA, in its “CONCRETE CLIPS” video series, addresses pavement durability and the need to design concrete pavements to control or mitigate material-related distresses.

The approximately 15-minute video, “Durability Test Methods,” begins with the basic composition of concrete pavements, then describes the most common materials-related distress mechanism.

The video also describes the multiple tests used to evaluate both the constituent materials and the concrete mixture during the mixture design and construction of the pavement. The program details various test methods used in common practice today. This is a good video for training or as a quick refresher for personnel involved in developing concrete mixtures, as well as testing materials and concrete mixtures. To watch the video, follow this link, or click here to check out all the “FHWA Concrete Clips” and other videos on ACPA’s YouTube channel.