Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden last week unveiled the second pillar of his “Build Back Better” economic recovery plan with a $2 trillion clean energy and infrastructure plan, according to ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card.

The plan is focused on speeding up the transition to cleaner energy for transportation and buildings, in addition to prioritizing environmental justice.

The former vice president and presidential hopeful noted that we need “modern infrastructure and a clean energy future,” adding these are investments we should be making anyway. Also quoting ASCE, he mentioned that one in five miles of our nation’s highways are in poor condition.

The former vice president’s proposal, which did not include financing specifics, aimed to achieve carbon-free power generation by 2035, emphasizing that “we can transform the American electrical sector by producing power without producing carbon pollution.”

This climate-focused plan, he says, would also create millions of jobs in construction, skilled trades, and engineering. One specific highway-related proposal is jobs creation to rebuild America’s infrastructure from roads and bridges to green spaces and water systems, to electricity grids and broadband infrastructure, sustainably, to withstand the impacts of climate change and improve public health–including access to clean air and water.

The former vice president previously proposed a $1.3 trillion infrastructure plan in November 2019.


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