Ongoing efforts between ACPA and the FAA on the Airport Pavement Technology Program (APTP), a cooperative research and technology program, are showing excellent signs of progress. That’s the word from Jerry Voigt, who described recent developments in ACPA’s “3 Minutes on Monday” video report on Monday.

We first reported on the APTP in January, and since then, ACPA has worked with Industry partners and the FAA to direct $3 million of applied research funding for the program in the 2020 Appropriations Bill. Work is ongoing to secure a second round of funding in the 2021 Appropriations Bill, Jerry says.

Jerry and Gary Mitchell have worked with the FAA to develop a scope of work and contract language for a cooperative agreement between the CP Tech Center and FAA.

“I am pleased to report that the language and scope of work has been approved by the FAA,” Jerry says, adding, “We made some special efforts and worked with the FAA to have the CP Tech Center serve as the APTP Program Manager.”

“Last week, with help from ACPA, the Center submitted a proposal and budget for the program management role. This is a final step in contract negotiations, and we anticipate the proposal being accepted soon.”

Once underway, a Program Coordination Group of industry representatives—ACPA contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants—will be formed to provide insights on priorities and to oversee the program. Click here to see the full report on this exciting development, along with other ACPA activities related to the airport pavement market.