One of the FHWA’s Mobile Concrete Technology Center’s (MCTC’s) recent technology transfer resource offerings covers air-entraining admixtures for concrete. This informative, one-page flyer describes what chemical air-entraining admixtures are and what they do. (Basically, they help form air bubbles that impart several important features of concrete). 

The tech flyer describes why air is important to good quality concrete, what the difference is between air entrainment and encapsulation, and how air-entraining admixtures work. This information-packed document also describes the chemistry and classification of admixtures and the effect of materials and practices on air entrainment. There’s also a section that summarizes the specific ways the air-entrainment admixtures improve concrete durability.

Checklists and a table provide quick reference points and make the information even more accessible and easy to use. Whether you’re a seasoned concrete professional or relatively new to the business, this is a good resource for contractors, agency personnel, engineers, and others focus on placing durable concrete pavements. Click here to download a copy.