It’s official: The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) formally announced that pavement overlays have been selected by the agency’s Every Day Counts (EDC) program for rapid deployment.

The FHWA formally made the announcement Monday that targeted overlays pavement solutions (TOPS) including concrete pavement overlays have been formally selected as one of the innovations in the 6th round of EDC (for 2020/2021).

The current round of EDC innovations appear in the EDC’s updated website. Pavement overlays were one of seven innovations recognized in the current round.

FHWA describes overlays as, “Solutions for integrating innovative overlay procedures into practices that can improve performance, lessen traffic impacts, and reduce the cost of pavement ownership”

“Approximately half of all infrastructure dollars are invested in pavements, and more than half of that investment is in overlays. By enhancing overlay performance, State and local highway agencies can maximize this investment and help ensure safer, longer-lasting roadways for the traveling public.”

The FHWA notes that concrete overlays create improved pavements that last longer. The site also points to the many benefits of concrete overlays, including safety; cost savings; and performance. The agency also includes brief information about the state of the practice, which includes “recent improvements to design methods, interlayer technology, slab geometry, and concrete mixtures have broadened concrete overlay surface treatment applicability, reliability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.”

ACPA encourages members, chapters, and others to visit the FHWA EDC website to see more about the special recognition of concrete overlays.

Leif Wathne and John Adam represent ACPA and the CP Tech Center on FHWA’s EDC6 Innovation Deployment Team for Concrete Overlays.