SIMPLEX USA announced today it has transitioned to a new name, American Highway – A Simplex Company, says the company’s Co-Chief Executive Officer, Ron Meskis.

“We are proud of our latest addition, ‘American Highway,’ to our company name. Our intent on this pivot to American Highway is to better inform and provide more color definition to this large industry landscape. Of relevance, prior to Simplex’s purchase of Dayton Superior’s paving division in 2019, the trade name of American Highway was predominantly used to supply steel products to the concrete paving industry. As such, the name brings a long-established road creed and added value to our overall corporate brand as a recognized and familiar staple in the industry.”

The road infrastructure leader is recognized as much more than a steel dowel manufacturer. Particularly considering the expansion into new markets with other integrated American made products, facilitating its mass demand in the infrastructure space.

Sarah Bazey, founder of Simplex-USA, led and managed the company for more than 30 years as its CEO, and further navigated Simplex’s purchase of JC Supply & Manufacturing, including the paving division of Dayton Superior. She says, “Our team is comprised of individuals with unparalleled experience and talent throughout the organization. Therefore, our collective human capital will continue to drive unprecedented success within the highway industry.”

Mark Kaler, Chairman of the Board for Simplex-USA, states, “I am very excited about the forward trajectory of our diversified company as we continue to expand its product offering in the infrastructure market. My history with the name of American Highway goes back to the early 2000’s when I was part of the team which established its name. American Highway has a long-recognized reputation and is something I am quite proud of having been a part of since its inception. Consequently, I am now even more excited to be part of the company’s growth plans; providing added products and value for our contractor and distributor partners.”

Click here to view a video the company released to coincide with the announcement.