With Federal highway and transit programs on the verge of shutting down in two weeks, ACPA launched a call to action late last Friday. We’re reminding readers there is still time to show your support for a legislative call to action to extend the highway bill for one year.

By clicking here, you will arrive at the NACA website, where you can easily and quickly send a letter to members of Congress and President Trump, urging them to take swift and decisive action before the FAST Act, the current surface transportation law, expires on September 30. The process of sending letters takes less than 1 minute and involves clicking on “Take Action,” then sending letters by reviewing and sending the draft letter using separate tabs for Congress and the President.

For those who have not yet participated, ACPA is asking all members, chapter affiliates, staff, and technology partners to contact elected officials as soon as possible to urge them to support three requests:

  • A growth-oriented one-year extension of current surface transportation;
  • Solvency of the Highway Trust Fund; and
  • Emergency funding to state departments of transportation and transit agencies.

Leif Wathne reiterated the urgency and importance of approving a one year extension to the FAST Act in our “3 Minutes on Monday” vlog Monday. He describes our latest grassroots advocacy effort to encourage Congress and the President to enact legislation ahead of the deadline. He also provides some commentary on COVID-19 relief discussions; how the extension might be enacted; and how to participate in the call to action. If you haven’t seen this video message, we encourage you to watch it on YouTube.

You can subscribe to our channel, which features this and many other videos, organized by playlists that group videos by topic. You can select our “3 Minutes on Monday” playlist to see the full array of “3 Minutes on Monday” vlogs, including Jerry Voigt’s discussion about ACPA technical service.


Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.