With some significant changes to PavementDesigner.org, the industry’s web-based concrete pavement thickness design platform is now better than ever.

Thanks to implementation efforts led by Eric Ferrebee and Andy Gieraltowski and support by ACPA, PCA, and NRMCA, the new version of the design platform was released Monday with two major features:

  • The first was the integration of metric units for all roadway and industrial pavement solutions, with the exception of composite pavements with an asphalt or chip seal surface. Designers can now use metric values to run calculations and view reports/graphs. To use this feature, simply set your unit type preference to metric when starting a design.
  • The second update was a revision to the functionality of the composite pavement design with an asphalt or chip seal surface. The module now shows the calculated damage for a design that is input into the program, rather than calculating a required thickness. This new design process allows users to evaluate composite pavement designs more thoroughly and to make sound engineering decisions.

PavementDesigner.org is offered free of charge to engineers and other professionals with an interest in concrete or composite pavement designs. Designs may be created on computers or other digital devices without concerns about software updates, patches, or changing versions. Users have the option of creating a unique user ID and password, which allows the creation of a free account that allows users to save and retrieve pavement designs. Check it out at PavementDesigner.org.