Editor’s Note: This is the latest in our continuing updates on the Round 6 of the FHWA’s Every Day Counts initiative, and specifically, the agency’s focus on targeted overlay pavement solutions (TOPS).

FHWA formally rolled out the TOPS program to its division offices on Monday.

ACPA, in collaboration and cooperation with the CP Tech Center, successfully advocated for the inclusion of concrete overlays in the EDC program.

The mission of the EDC TOPS program is to: extend pavement life, increase load-carrying capacity, and improve safety, mobility, and user satisfaction in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, the FHWA says, noting this will be done by targeting pavement overlay solutions to Federal, State, and local transportation agencies.

“Our industry strongly believes that concrete overlays meet the goals identified in this EDC mission,” says Leif Wathne.

The EDC Concrete TOPS team will focus on building awareness about concrete overlays and usage, identifying champions at state highway agencies, sharing information at upcoming workshops and conferences, and training decision makers via peer exchanges and webinars.

Eric Prieve P.E., Concrete Engineer with Colorado DOT, presented a concrete overlay case history from SH 13 north of Craig, CO. The project was a 6 mile long 6ft x 6ft x 6 in. concrete overlay of a distressed asphalt route in NW Colorado.

The project employed performance engineered mixture concepts, which resulted in an exceptionally durable and smooth pavement. Innovative pilot car operations were also used and contributed to continuous roadway operation and enhanced safety. The project won both an ACI State Award for Excellence in Concrete and an ACPA National Gold Award for Excellence in Concrete Pavement Overlays. This EDC6 TOPS case study is another example of the more than 10 million SY of concrete overlays built by CDOT in the last few decades.

ACPA’s Leif Wathne and CP Tech Center’s John Adam represent the concrete pavement industry on the EDC6 Concrete deployment team. Click here to see our previous report and more details about the EDC6 TOPS program.