Thanks in part to a vociferous call to action by our industry, progress has been made here in Washington in recent days on a highway bill extension. The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday approved by a vote of 359-57-1, a short-term measure to avert a federal government shutdown through December 11, 2020. The measure includes a one-year extension to the highway program. The Surface Transportation Program Extension is contained in Division B of the measure and starts on page 43 (see link below).

Next the measure will be considered by the Senate, where it is expected to pass.

Also of importance to our industry, the measure authorizes the transfer of $10.4 billion to the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) from the general fund (and another $3.2 billion for transit) to keep the HTF solvent for the duration of the extension.  Unfortunately, the measure does not include any backfill revenue for State DOTs – such relief would have to come via a COVID package, should Congress manage to come together in a bi-partisan way in the coming weeks or months.

Please follow the links in this paragraph to read the measure, “Continuing Appropriations Act, 2021 and Other Extensions Act,” and the Section-by-Section Summary.”


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