The 69th Arizona Roads and Streets Conference was held September 22-25. This annual conference, organized by the ACEC of Arizona, was a virtual event this year and consisted of 48 breakout sessions over four days. The conference also featured 50 vendor exhibits in a virtual format. The event drew more than 1,100 over the four days.

Keynote speakers included FHWA Administrator Nicole Nason, and Kelley Regal, the FHWA’s Associate Administrator for Research and Development and Technology Director at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

Speaker presentations covered a plethora of topics ranging from change management to agency case studies dealing with technology and budgets. ACPA and the concrete pavement industry was represented by Larry Scofield, who provided a 45-minute presentation on the “Billion Dollar Decision.”

The presentation provided an overview of the asphalt rubber performance currently covering the Phoenix Freeway system. It also included a 50-year Life Cycle Cost Analysis indicating that at the time of construction, a longitudinally tined concrete pavement was almost five times more cost effective than placing an asphalt rubber overlay. It further discussed the property damage (windshield damage) caused by fly rocks when aggregate ravels out of the asphalt rubber overlay.