Dr. Peter Taylor and Gordon Smith last Friday led a meeting of the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center’s Executive Board. In addition to reviewing progress and accomplishments, the Center outlined its future program plans.

The Executive Board discussed and supported the continued efforts on concrete overlay implementation, performance-engineered mixtures, and the joint webinar program with ACPA and the ACPA-affiliated chapters/state associations. Year to date, more than 9,700 people have been trained on these webinars.

The meeting included an update on the cooperative agreements with Federal Highway Administration ($2.3 Million under contract, 20 consultants engaged in the program to date) and the new agreement just signed with Federal Aviation Administration ($3.5 Million to manage an applied research program). Jerry Voigt highlighted the new FAA Cooperative Agreement in ACPA’s 3 Minutes on Monday on September 21.

ACPA members Board members spoke passionately about the value the Center provides.

“Our partners rely on the Center and it provides great third party credibility,” says Ernie Peterson, Ash Grove Cement.

“The CP Tech Center is helping ACPA and ACPA contractors answer the challenges of state highway agencies,“ says Robert Seghetti, Acme Concrete Paving Inc.