The ACPA board of directors held its 3rd quarter board meeting last Thursday by web conference. The meeting provided a chance for ACPA staff and volunteer leaders to update the Board of Directors on all aspects of the Association’s business and progress through the pandemic.

The Association is sharply focused on its mission to support members, chapters, and agencies through a range of different programs and activities.

The major outcome of the board meeting was the approval of the 2021 draft budget. While the budget reflects some pandemic impacts, it represents an overall steady picture for ACPA. The budget contains the full array of support for ACPA affiliated chapters and state associations, including some projects that were developed because of the changes the pandemic has had on communications and education/tech transfer initiatives.

The 2021 draft budget reflects the Board’s anticipation that many organizations will curtail industry workshops through the winter and spring, but also reflects the expectation of a return of normal business by the middle of next year. Full, in-person ACPA mid-year and annual meetings are planned for 2021, as is an in-person Airport Workshop.

“ACPA will progress and continue to mix new ways with all our traditional ways we’ve delivered value for ACPA members. It’s our commitment to being the best member-driven association we can be!” says ACPA President & CEO, Jerry Voigt.

More news on the budget and the Association’s progress throughout 2020 will be discussed during the Annual Meeting of the Members, which will kick off the 57th Annual Meeting. Click here to learn more about the meeting and to register.