As we first reported last year in ACPA TODAY, the concrete paving industry is supporting the Highway Construction Workforce Partnership (HCWP), a collaborative effort among key stakeholders, representing highway users and construction advocates, the public workforce system, and the education and training community at large. (Click here to see a 2-page fact sheet with more details.)

The goal is to work together to identify, train, and place individuals into highway construction careers. ACPA is a national partner in the HCWP program and we continue to be active participants.

In an effort to further the reach and efficacy of the HCWP, FHWA’s Center for Transportation Workforce Development will begin distributing a quarterly HCWP e-newsletter. The newsletter will provide information about HCWP, the industry’s workforce challenge, and resources that will help identify, train, and place individuals into highway careers.

To help make the HCWP newsletter as impactful and valuable as possible, FHWA would like to hear from our industry about topics of interest.  Please send any comments about the HCWP or suggestions for the newsletter to Clark Martin, Program Manager for the FHWA Center for Transportation Workforce Development at Also, please let Clark know if you would like to be placed on the HCWP mailing list.

Once FHWA launches the HCWP e-newsletter, we’ll announce its availability in ACPA TODAY with the goal of sharing it with those interested in this important topic.