At the recent AASHTO Committee on Materials and Pavements (COMP) annual meeting, ACPA presented an overview of association activities in support of the concrete pavement industry and highway agencies throughout the country.

Leif Wathne discussed ACPA’s organizational focus, partnership activities with the IGGA/ACPA CP3, the CP Tech Center, and the affiliated chapter network. He also highlighted ACPA’s robust contractor membership and the steady increase in membership overall; the addition of the Florida Chapter; and projections for continued concrete pavement market growth for 2018. As ACPA looks to the future, the association is also investing in future leadership through its Emerging Leaders Group and Interns for the Future program, he said.

Wathne also provided an overview of ACPA’s VISION2040 initiative to the materials and pavement engineers and other technical experts from highway departments and other agencies throughout the United States.

During his presentation, Wathne emphasized the work the industry is doing in support of performance engineered mixtures, “which are aimed at delivering on the promise of concrete durability every time,” he said. He also discussed improved concrete pavement design methods, the value and contributions of concrete pavements to meet sustainability, equipment enhancements, and ACPA and CP Tech Center resources aimed at educating and informing contractors and engineers of best practices and ways to achieve quality concrete pavements.

The meeting was held in Cincinnati, OH, from Aug. 5 through 10. The AASHTO COMP is focused on materials testing, specification and performance, as well as pavement design, testing and management. The committee’s next annual meeting is scheduled for August 5 through 9, 2019, in Baltimore, MD.