Eric Ferrebee and Larry Scofield head to Denver for the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter’s 2018 Annual Concrete Pavement Workshop, followed by the SPS-2 Tech Day event.  Eric will present on as part of his concerted effort to implementation of the pavement thickness design program with training and outreach.  To date, he has trained over 1,000 people on the use of the platform. 

Map show states constructing SPS-2 projects (and year of construction). The pavement design features evaluated are: concrete thickness (8” and 11”); base type; flexural strength; lane width, and drainage.

Larry will present on the evolution of concrete textures during the workshop, and then will facilitate the SPS-2 Tech Day outreach program on Friday, March 23.  This event is the second for the year, and more are scheduled or tentatively planned for later this year.  Click here to learn more about the SPS program,as well as the work Larry has done on the underlying research.