Capping off the House T&I Committee’s “tweetstorm” last week, officials released a post-event video recognizing the effort and thanking essential workers in every field, including those in our industry. Click here to see the tribute video.

As we reported last week, ACPA supported this campaign, as well as two campaigns that informed social media followers about National Work Zone Safety Awareness week and ways to keep workers, motorists and pedestrians safe around construction work zones.

We also participated in a fourth campaign that celebrated Earth Day. It was a perfect opportunity to present facts and photos highlighting concrete pavements and materials. Our contributions centered on pavement longevity, sustainability, resilience and other environmental features and benefits. 

ACPA members, chapters and industry allies also supported our efforts and posted some inspiring messages and images, creating a very strong and compelling set of facts and images that give the cement and concrete industry a commanding presence. We thank all the members, chapters, and allies who supported these important and timely communications campaigns