In addition to the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, the City of Boulder, CO, boasts excellent quality of life, thanks to the Flatirons rock formations, popular Pearl Street Mall attractions, and the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus.

In the heart of this vibrant city is a six-block concrete pavement along Mapleton Avenue, which continues its service to the city after more than nine decades. Built in 1927, and with minimal maintenance since, the concrete pavement stands as an exceptional and durable example of concrete put to the test. This historic section of Mapleton Avenue is lined with some of the oldest residences in Boulder and is located in the Mapleton Hill Historic District. This project was formally recognized with an ACPA Pavement Longevity award.

Angela Folkestad, Executive Director of the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter-ACPA, had the opportunity earlier this month to present the award to the City of Boulder’s Transportation Advisory Board. “Boulder is a very bike-centric community, and the TAB does a bike tour every year with city transportation staff to look at different parts of the city,” Angela says. “One of the board members mentioned that they had toured Mapleton within the last several years, and the City’s Principal Engineer for Transportation Capital Projects, Gerrit Slatter (far left in the photo) first drew their attention to this long-life pavement.”