The CP Tech Center has released a report summarizing key findings of a research project aimed at gaining a better understanding of where and how extensively concrete pavement recycling and recycled concrete aggregates (RCAs) are being used in the United States.  

“Recycled Concrete Aggregate Usage in the US” is a 38-page report that describes the two-phase benchmarking research project, origins of concrete pavement recycling and factors driving the need to recycle and reuse RCAs. 

The four-color publication begins with an introduction and background information, details about the opportunities for sustainable material practices in concrete pavement construction and rehabilitation, and details from the survey on RCA use in roadway applications. The report also includes conclusions and recommendations, as well as details about ACPA’s plans for tracking data and working to train members (and support the FHWA and state DOTs) in specification and policy development focusing on the beneficial use of existing concrete pavements. 

Although the survey was not funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the results have helped guide the work on technology transfer under one of their cooperative agreements. The results have been made fully available to support the FHWA’s goals of supporting more sustainable pavement technical solutions.  ACPA member contractors were among those who assisted the research by participating in surveys presented by ACPA.

Click here to see the report.