The latest MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub newsletter (Sept. 28 edition) features news about Dr. Jeremy Gregory’s testimony before the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Environment and Climate Change subcommittee.  The CS Hub’s executive director delivered informative and compelling remarks about the role of concrete in sustainable development and strategies to reduce its environmental impact.  His comments provided some perspectives that run counter to incomplete and inaccurate information often communicated by the media and other information sources.

The newsletter also included a summary of a research brief that details the role of pavements in meeting greenhouse gas-reduction targets.  The research brief describes an approach to network asset management in Missouri that would reduce C0emissions by 29.9 million metric tons on the state’s highways.

The newsletter also included an overview of a research brief that describes a new performance-based planning model proposed CSHub researchers that could help state DOT’s better manage what the ASCE estimates is a $420 billion backlog of projects.

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