The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) has named recipients of its 30th Annual “Excellence in Concrete Pavements” awards, which recognize quality concrete pavements constructed in the United States and Canada.  The awards program encourages high-quality workmanship, quality and creativity in constructing,   rehabilitating and restoring concrete pavement projects.  

The award-winning projects were paved by 23 different contractors.  Projects are located in 15 ACPA areas represented by ACPA-affiliated Chapters and State paving associations.  Winners were determined by 41 professionals who devoted their time and expertise to serve as judges.   

The program recognizes contractors, engineers, and project owners who completed outstanding projects.   Please click on links below for more information and photo of the award recipients.  To see all the award photos (recipients and projects, please click here).

The 2019 award recipients are:

SilverCommercial Service & Military AirportsThe Lane Construction Corporation
GoldCommercial Service & Military AirportsIdeker, Inc.
SilverConcrete Pavement Restoration (CPR)Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
GoldConcrete Pavement Restoration (CPR)Duit Construction Co., Inc.
SilverCounty RoadsCedar Valley Corp., LLC
GoldCounty RoadsInterstate Highway Construction, Inc.
SilverDivided Highways (Rural)Golden Triangle Construction Company
GoldDivided Highways (Rural)Cedar Valley Corp., LLC
SilverDivided Highways (Urban)Koss Construction Company
GoldDivided Highways (Urban)Archer Western Construction, LLC
GoldIndustrial PavingMcCarthy Improvement Company
SilverMunicipal Streets & Intersections (<30k SY)Complete Concrete, Inc.
GoldMunicipal Streets & Intersections (<30k SY)Ptaschinski Construction Company
SilverMunicipal Streets & Intersections (>30k SY)Prus Construction
GoldMunicipal Streets & Intersections (>30k SY)Castle Rock Construction Company
GoldOverlays (Airports)Hi-Way Paving, Inc.
SilverOverlays (Highways)Croell Inc.
GoldOverlays (Highways)E&B Paving, Inc.
GoldOverlays (Streets and Roads)Milestone Contractors
SilverRCC (Industrial)AG Peltz Group, LLC
GoldRCC (Industrial)Morgan Corp.
SilverRCC (Special Application)Andale Construction, Inc.
GoldRCC (Special Application)FBD Vanguard Construction, Inc.
SilverReliever & General Aviation AirportsE&B Paving, Inc.
GoldReliever & General Aviation AirportsCedar Valley Corp., LLC
SilverState RoadsPrimco, Inc.
GoldState RoadsEmery Sapp & Sons